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The Close Fitting Bodice Block Front and Back Patterns

The Close Fitting Bodice Block Front and Back Patterns


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Before you Stitch would like to introduce you the Close Fitting Bodice Block in PDF form. Drawn technically by a former tailor, these close fitting bodice blocks will give you the start you need to create your wonderful creations. There is also the Sleeve block patterns available in my shop or you can goto my shop to buy it all as a package which includes two sleeve blocks, one fitted and one unfitted.

The blocks contain a range of UK sizes ranging from size 8 - size 20 (UK). Please note that these sizes run small due to the close fitted starting point.  

(Sizes: UK 8, UK 10, UK12, UK 14, UK 16, UK 18 and UK 20)

This product is ideal for students and pattern drafters and are an ideal starting point to help you adapt and create your designs.

The PDF is the size of a single A1 sheet. You can chose to get it printed by your local printers what can accommodate this size or simply follow the included printed guide with helps you print onto many a4 sheets and line them up together to make your pattern. If you do require further help please feel free to get in touch.

Please note that there are no seam allowance included as these blocks as they are to be used as a starting point for your wonderful designs. These blocks can then be reused as many times as you like.

Upon purchase, you will receive:

- A printable PDF of front and back bodice block
- one with colour and pattern differences between sizes. 
- one with straight black lines.
(Everyone has their preference and now you have both!)
- Size Guide
- Printing Guide

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Happy Patterncutting!!!

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