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Size 10 - 1/2 Scale Block Patterns Pack

Size 10 - 1/2 Scale Block Patterns Pack


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Perfect starer pack of all the basic blocks in 1/2 Scale to make learning and experimenting with pattern drafting that bit easier by working at a smaller scale.

These are standard UK size 10 blocks scaled down to 50%. The size chart indicates the measurements of the size 10 at full scale. If you are after a different size I would be happy to accommodate if you would like to message me.

The PDF you will receive includes 3 A3 pages and 2 A2 pages with the following blocks included:-
- Top Bodice Block
- Sleeve Block
- Tapered Sleeve Block
- Dress Block
- Trouser Block
- Skirt Block

On purchase you will receive digitally a PDF for you to print a home.

If you don't have access to an A2 or A3 printer printer then simply print onto A4 and attached together to give you your blocks. If you need any assistance with this then please message me directly.

Please note that the watermark in the video will be removed for your copy.

If you are interested in having the 1/4 Scale Blocks also I have an offer to buy both packs together, working out cheaper than buying individually.

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Please feel free to visit our website for news on upcoming workshops, patterns and tips…

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Happy Patterncutting!!!

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